Stop Me (feat. Lil Mann & Element)

from by Fforte Adore

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Like getting change for a dollar bill
this is gonna make sense
legally I can drink
as soon as that ace hit
if you can’t hide from the truth
you might as well face it
if it’s bright as a bracelet
then you can’t face it

my rhyme’s so amazing
I forgot to grace it
and I’m eating this fame up
yeah I can taste it
You haters keep trippin
like untied laces
cuz my flow is feelin tight
like I just got braces

nouveau riche
yeah that’s what I make it
cuz I’m on top right now
and I’m hot as Satan
money, money, money
yeah I just keep makin
with my pockets so full
and yours so vacant

I feel it flowin
fame it aint slowin
and Imma keep on goin
and no one’s gonna stop me now

yeah I’m goin in like it’s my first strike
and the only thing on my mind
is get my swagger right
shorty do what I like
shorty do what I want
lil mama goin down like she can’t float

I never been a thug
but I always been a prep
and I never short some cash
but I always write a check
all this ice up on my chest
has got me sicker than a
colder than the Antarctic
money never counterfeit

I feel it flowin
fame it aint slowin
and Imma keep on going
and no one’s gonna stop me now

comin fresh into the game
tryin to flash on all you lames
and I aim
to take over, yeah

Element’s the name
and I’m on the track with Fforte and Lil Mann
spittin fire yeah we had to bring the flame
and we goin up sorta like propane

Fforte second album funna drop
and we rock out shows
funna make it to the top
and we won’t stop
cuz this is what we do
you got the album
go and buy the shirt too

every day I’m in the studio makin these hits
somebody call the doctor cuz my flow is so sick
my flow is so ill any way you wanna say it
Fforte, Lil Mann, and Element we’re so crazy

I feel it flowin
fame it aint slowin
and Imma keep on goin
and no one’s gonna stop me now


from Too Fast For Curve, released June 19, 2009
Music: Nate Kohlenberg
Lyrics: Lil Mann, Element, Casey Frensz



all rights reserved


Fforte Adore Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Fforte Adore is a funky rock band from Milwaukee, WI. Since it's inception in 2006, Fforte has been delighting fans with sweet-sounding jams drawing from the rock and jazz backgrounds of it's members. Since the release of Fforte's most recent album in 2009, the band has added Tim Holdmann on trumpet and continued to play live shows filled with original and cover material. ... more

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